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Reclaimed Stacked Barn Wood Panels

Available only from The Antique Barrel Collection by the Vintage Wood Floor Company; reclaimed stacked barn wood in a single panel* you can install yourself.
reclaimed barn wood wall panels

We have taken the hard work out of making stunning reclaimed paneled walls, island sidings, etc. using authentic reclaimed barn wood pieces and producing them into easy to apply panels with a web/net backing. Each panel is comprised of 4 rows of reclaimed barn wood in height dimensions between 2″ and 3.5″.

These panels are 11.5″ x 37.5″ (43.5″ at widest measurement, 31.5″ at narrowest measurement) with overhanging edges which will interlock with adjacent panels thereby hiding any seam. The offset edges match perfectly into adjacent panels.

Merely trowel mastic adhesive on the wall and press the panels firmly in place; or more quickly apply by using finish nails to secure the panels to the wall. You can finish an entire wall in minutes, a true DIY project you can tackle in no time at all.

These exquisite panels are built from a variety of 100+ year old reclaimed barn wood and offer varying thicknesses, widths, and lengths. What only professional installers could do for you in the past you can now do yourself. Panels are provided in their natural state; unfinished, unsealed, etc.

This is an affordable way to add accent walls, fireplace surrounds, columns, and even wainscoting.


*Patent Pending


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