Antique Prefinished Reclaimed Timeworn Oak Flooring | Vintage Wood Company

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Antique Prefinished Reclaimed Timeworn Oak Flooring | Vintage Wood Company

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Real Antique American Reclaimed Timeworn Oak Flooring

Add character and warmth to your space with our Antique Prefinished Reclaimed Timeworn Oak Flooring. Salvaged from old barns and buildings, each plank tells a unique story and features a beautiful patina that only comes with age. Our prefinished flooring is easy to install and maintain, and is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

This is the floor we made our name on and the one that's most talked about and asked for. We were the first to make this precious material accessible to all by producing it as an engineered floor. Prior to us, you could only get it in solid which is impacted by and reacts to ambient moisture content and other conditions. It's exquisite!

What Makes Reclaimed Wood Flooring Unique?

The appeal of prefinished antique oak flooring is in its characteristic nail holes, color variations, and old growth grain patterns, and prefinished so it's ready to install. These characteristics create visual and tactile appeal, resulting in never-ending intrigue to what is such a large part of a room's appearance. 

Pricing and Ordering Info:

Since all of our floors are custom, the configuration options are seemingly endless so pricing is done based upon each client's specifications. Not sure what that lingo means to you? No worries, give us a call and we'll break it down for you. Or, fill out a quote request form above and we can help you from there if you're not ready to chat yet.

Two Surface Options Too Choose From:

1) Timeworn Original Face:

Our Timeworn original face leaves the patina and deep grain and surface texture largely intact. This distressed flooring is done naturally, not by hand. We will never hand distress flooring to be something it is not. Most clients choose a simple water based polyurethane clear finish. Others have us mix a custom tinted finish to darken, or even a pre-bleach to lighten the resulting look of the floor. No matter how you have us make it, this rustic hardwood flooring is a crowd pleaser. 

Reclaimed Timeworn Original Face Texture

2) Heirloom Smooth Face:

Our Heirloom smooth face retains the checks, cracks, nail holes and tight grain as in the original face but is smooth since the original face has been removed for our Timeworn floor. This is the floor that often sees a custom tinted finish to further enhance the character of the grain. We restore the natural beauty of this material by gently re-milling the top surface to reveal its gorgeous grains, naturally opulent hues, and age-old charm while leaving the hallmark checking and historic defects intact. This classic reclaimed wood flooring offers unique character and smooth surface texture. And of course, like all of our floors, it's made by us, here in Orange County, CA.

Reclaimed Heirloom Face Texture is smooth

Features and Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

Reclaimed wood flooring is the most eco-friendly option.

Beyond being the most sustainable and ecologically responsible flooring option, the look is what draws us to this precious material. We produce this reclaimed hardwood plank flooring in the widths and thicknesses to your specification for your project, be it as engineered, or as a solid hardwood floor. We can produce narrow widths to wide plank floors and in the finished thickness you need. We also produce unstained, unfinished, vintage hardwood flooring.

Where to reclaimed wood floors come from?

Sourced in America. Made in America.

Our antique wood which is recovered primarily from century-old barns in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky, becomes our Timeworn oak plank flooring which is endowed with a naturally rich patina created by countless decades of sun, wind, and rain. Each plank is different due in large part to the placement of each plank on the structure and the sun and weather it endured for generations. Transforming this precious material into your authentic antique reclaimed barn wood floor is a labor intensive and time-consuming process, but worth it. To preserve the original face of this remarkable barn wood we use special milling and hand working techniques that maintain all aspects of its distinctive character, including the original saw marks, color variations, random knots, nail holes, texture, and height variations. When we reclaimed antique barns that are no longer suitable or safe and scheduled for demolition, the interior floorboards, joists, farmhouse planks and beam timbers make the perfect material to produce our high quality reclaimed barnwood floors.

Lead Times and Minimums:

Every floor we make is custom, hand made to each client's specifications and with so many possible option combinations, published pricing and lead times are impossible. Standard lead times for this floor is 8-12 weeks. Due to the time and expense of setup, we have a 500 square foot minimum order.

Color variations in the images provided are all possible through our in-house finish room.

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Reclaimed Barn Wood Timeworn Oak Flooring by The Vintage Wood Floor Company in Modern Luxury Magazine

All material is custom quoted by project, selected and made to order. The process begins with a sample produced for you to approve. This sample process requires a $350 deposit which is credited to your order. We look forward to discussing your project.

Got Questions? Give us a call, text, or email

The Vintage Wood Floor Company is not a retailer or an importer. We are a manufacturer. Which means we produce our own products; managing the entire process from reclamation to delivery. Everything we offer is created under the watchful eye of our owner and Head Craftsman, who proudly trains each craftsman on our team. While we offer many products, we have only one standard – excellence. Our core business is custom work, making your visions come to life so if you have a project that requires an authentic touch let us show you what we can do.

Made Just For You

All of our products are made just for you, made to your order. Please contact us with your project's vision and needs if your solution is not listed here