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24sf Reclaimed Barn Wood 8ft Long Plank Wall Barn Board Kits

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24sf Reclaimed Barn Wood 8ft Long Plank Wall Barn Board Kits

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Real Reclaimed Barn Wood for walls. More coverage. Thicker material. Longer planks. For less than others charge.

 Our 24sf Reclaimed Barn Wood Long Plank Wall Paneling Kits are made from authentic reclaimed American antique barn wood and create a unique space that perfectly finishes off any room. The application creates beautiful aesthetics with vintage wood weathered into the perfect wall treatment.

Lead time: all of our products are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship.

Compare for yourself:

Vintage Wood Floor Company:

  • 24 Square Feet Per Box
  • 1' to 8' Random Length Long Planks
  • Cupping-Resistant 3/8" Thick Planks
  • Century Old Hardwoods
  • 3 Width Choices (one width per box)

Everyone Else:

  • Only 20 Square Feet Per Box or Less
  • Random Only Up To 4' Planks
  • Brittle and Thin 1/16" - 1/8" Planks
  • Unknown Origin. Mostly New Pine/Doug Fir, Imported "White Wood" 
  • $12sf - $18sf
  • Only 2 Width Choices 
  • Looks cheap

When looking to use reclaimed wood for walls or any kind of reclaimed wood for walls, you can't beat these. Rich with a working history; weathered to perfection; antique barn wood has a beauty that is completely timeless. No two planks are the same. Each box contains a variety of hardwood species, color tones, and color ranges--we cannot accommodate hand sorted color tone requests. It's this variety that makes it so attractive! Every board is likely to contain nail holes, knots, and possible splits.

You won't get flimsy, stick-on boards from us.

Compare our thicker planks (which resist warping and cupping) against others and you’ll see the exceptional value, authenticity, and enduring quality.

Installation is a snap and can be done with a mastic adhesive and/or a small brad nail gun (either or both). We don't recommend or provide adhesive tape regardless of the tape's warranty and ease. Your home is an investment and when you make the move to upgrade a room with our reclaimed wall paneling, it should be done to last. Using a peel and stick application is a convenient but not the best. Sure, the planks can be easily removed but good luck getting the tape off the wall. Using a mastic is best, a brad nail gun is great, and using both will ensure you'll never be let down by a proper installation. 

Available in two popular styles

  1. Original Face Hardwoods: This material is a mix of only American hardwoods except for Oak. The coloration is from lighter blondes to darker chocolate. The material comes from century old barn wood and beams we've reclaimed which gives unmistakable character. The desirable sickle shaped saw marks are seen throughout the many of the planks.
  2. Heirloom ReSawn Hardwoods: Similarly sourced from only domestic hardwoods not including oak and are from the inner core of the wood planks and beams with an overall smoother hand than the Original Face. Perfect for DIYers and the planks accept stain, paint, and other finishes perfectly. 

ORDER BY THE BOX: 24 Square Feet Per Long Plank Box

Buying "1" is buying 1 box containing one width of approximately 24sf.

  • Condition: Reclaimed Barn Wood. Naturally occurring checks, cracks, splits, nail holes
  • Packaging: 8ft long box, one width per box, mixed lengths in each box box from 1ft to 8ft long
  • Coverage: Approximately 24sf (compare to others’ 20sf)
  • Coverage Per Box: 
    • 82 linear feet of 3-1/2” (24sf)
    • 64 linear feet of 4-1/2” (24sf)
    • 52 linear feet of 5-1/2” (24.17sf)
  • Lengths: 1ft to 7-7/8’
  • Widths: One Width Per Box. Choose a box of all 3-1/2”, or all 4-1/2”, or all 5-1/2” widths
  • Retail Price: $7.25sf / $174 per box (compare to others’ at $12sf - $18sf)
  • Thickness: 3/8” Profile
  • Square Edge
  • Production: Solid, unfinished, kiln dried, fumigated, USA-sourced barn wood, made in USA
  • Installation: Brad nails and/or polyurethane construction adhesive

Download installation instructions here.

*Images show both Original Face and (Smooth) Heirloom Face. Some show completed walls using mixed widths (3-1/2" through 5-1/2") installed together (ideal look). 

**Trim/Casing/Installation supplies are not included in the kit. 


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