The Vintage Wood Floor Company Opens New Division --Antique Barrel Collection

Introducing the Antique Barrel Collection by The Vintage Wood Floor Company. 

Materials that start a conversation. The Antique Barrel Collection creates stunning products from reclaimed, retired, and repurposed materials in ways that get people talking; all derived from wine barrels and whiskey barrels.

The division opens with a full line of:

  • Wine barrel flooring
  • Whiskey barrel flooring
  • Wine barrel wall panels
  • Whiskey barrel wall panels
  • Wine barrel countertop surfaces 
  • Whiskey barrel countertop surfaces
  • Whole used wine barrels
  • Whole used whiskey barrels
  • Wine barrel staves
  • Whiskey barrel staves 

You can follow The Antique Barrel Collection on Instagram here and visit the dedicated Antique Barrel Collection website here.

Whiskey Barrel Wall Panels

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