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Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring Orange County

The Vintage Wood Floor Company, an American antique barn wood and vintage barn lumber company, is located in the heart of Orange County.

You have the uniquely special opportunity to visit the mill where your antique reclaimed barn wood flooring is made. When wondering where to buy reclaimed wood flooring, look no further than our 30,000sf state of the art manufacturing facility.

Know who makes your floors. It Matters.

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Worn by the Wind. Tempered by Time. Our Floors Tell a Story.

Recovered primarily from century-old barns in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky, our oak plank flooring is endowed with a naturally rich patina created by countless decades of sun, wind, and rain.

Reclaimed is Green

It's also exquisite. It sits in an open field. Illuminated by the sun and embraced by tall grass. An old barn, once the pride of its county, now slumbering silently. Patiently it waits for the day it will again be a part of someone’s life. Our American Barn Collection breathes new life into this historic material by restoring it and bringing it into your home or commercial project. Our collection includes antique wood floors handcrafted from old barns dating from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. The character and warmth of this classic material makes for a truly distinctive home or commercial project.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Company

In addition to being a reclaimed antique lumber company, we are a vintage wood flooring company. We also make new flooring (from responsibly and newly harvested wood) and recover existing antique wood floors. This reclaimed wide plank hardwood flooring comes from the floors of homes and structures that have been in place for centuries. We have the unique ability to produce many other flooring products including wide plank flooring created from responsibly harvested new wood, wine barrel flooring, whiskey barrel flooring, as well as wall panels and reclaimed wood ceiling decking. Whether you're searching for the best vintage wood flooring Anaheim, Southern California, or the across the nation you'll find us atop the lists of designers and architects.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring Near Me

Location matters. Know where your floors are made and who makes them. We are the largest manufacturer of reclaimed barn wood flooring in Orange County. When researching where to buy reclaimed wood and reclaimed barn wood flooring in Southern California; trust the source. See it being made. Meet the people making your floor. #ITMATTERS


The Vintage Wood Floor Company is not a retailer or an importer. We are a manufacturer. Which means we produce our own products; managing the entire process from reclamation to delivery--we don't subcontract anything. Except for our European sourced new and reclaimed floors, everything we offer is domestically sourced and created under our own roof, under the watchful eye of our owner and and the Craftsmen that have been with us from the start. We offer reclaimed engineered hardwood flooring, solid barn beams, hollow box beams, mantel beams, reclaimed lumber, barn board siding, custom finish floors from responsibly harvested new wood, and so much more.

The Vintage Wood Floor Company is not a retailer or an importer. We are a domestic manufacturer. Which means we produce our own products; managing the entire process from reclamation to delivery.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

"There are two men inside the artist, the poet and the craftsman. One is born a poet. One becomes a craftsman."

Emile Zola

How different everything is for the craftsman who transforms a part of the world with his own hands, who can see his work as emanating from his being and can step back at the end of a day or lifetime, and point to an object and see it as a stable repository of his skills and an accurate record of his years.

John Ruskin

Learn technique; have full command to the extent of not being conscious of how it is done. When craftsmanship has been developed, you are free to create... technique will give way to expression

Sergei Bongart