Featured Partner – Taylor Borsari Inc. Uses Reclaimed Barn Wood by The Vintage Wood Floor Company

Taylor Borsari Designer

Taylor Borsari Inc. was founded in 2005 to provide a customized approach to interior design. She began her career working with acclaimed interior design firm, Micheal Smith Inc. where she managed large-scale residential projects in Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and Montecito, California. Brooke Lieberman joined Taylor Borsari Inc. in 2009 and together they deliver personalized attention and inspired design to each project in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Coronado Island, and Maine.

On working with The Vintage Wood Floor Company“I’m always looking to create spaces with a soul. You can have great architecture, light and space, but if the materials that lay the foundation for the rest of the design lack integrity, it’s hard to really execute a great space. I love The Vintage Wood Floor Company because their wood products add that sense of history, integrity, and substance that really set the stage for a great project. I’m specifically fond of their timeworn oak floors for their versatility. They are great in a modern envelope and equally at home in a very traditional space. I love that you feel the authenticity of their products at first glance and often become a very important design element at the heart of many of my projects.”

To find out more about Taylor Borsari Inc. and to see her entire amazing portfolio, visit TaylorBorsari.com 

In 2016 Brooke Lieberman started her own firm in Las Vegas and you can see her portfolio and website at BrookeLiebermanInteriors.com.


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