Featured Partner – Westin Mitchell Chooses Reclaimed Barn Wood from The Vintage Wood Floor Company

Designer Westin Mitchell creates unique furniture and accessories by blending materials such as steel and wood. To create custom desks and conference tables for Bumble Bee Tuna headquarters in San Diego, Westin chose The Vintage Wood Floor Company reclaimed elm for the project. The result is sturdy and modern new pieces that will stand the test of time.

Furniture designer, welder and craftsman, Westin creates pieces that tell a story and by using reclaimed elm, the story is carried out with the character of the wood. Westin Mitchell employs a full team of highly skilled artisans and occupies a 7000 sq. ft. space near the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Each piece of furniture he creates carries with it a sophisticated sense of style layered over a deep knowledge of craftsmanship and materials.

To find out more about Westin Mitchell Design Group visit www.westinmitchell.com


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