Mixing Modern Design Using Antique Reclaimed Wood from The Vintage Wood Floor Company – Floating Staircase

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Wondering where you can buy reclaimed barn wood stairs near me?

The truth is, if you have a two or more-story home, store, or office, you need a way to get up and down the levels. Staircases are essential but they can be an amazing architectural element in any project. We have been working on some extremely versatile new styles of floating staircases and reclaimed barn wood makes a perfect addition to the possibilities.

Our solid, old antique reclaimed barn wood construction means the wood has unique character and each piece of wood tells a story. From reclaimed timeworn oak to authentic pine planks, we can create several types of stair treads that give the illusion that the stairs are floating on air or defying gravity. We have created a Pinterest board dedicated to helping our customers find new materials, styles, and construction techniques to help achieve the perfect architectural element to their projects. Our showroom features a reclaimed wood staircase – perfectly mixed modern edge steel and old-world wood. Get inspired and let us help you create a unique design for your floating staircase.

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