Project Spotlight -- The OC Mix Costa Mesa - Using Reclaimed Vintage Wood in Modern Signage

The mixing of old and new or vintage and modern is a new trend in retail and business signage. Custom signs are expanding well beyond backlit plastic letters or engraved pvc or polycarbonate. By using vintage wood and reclaimed lumber, designers can combine old world wood with modern finishes. Each sign is unique and the impact on the environment by reusing existing materials is minimized.

The OC MIX signage is a perfect blend of weather-worn timber with modern acrylic cut letters. The result is a unique display that has classic appeal and will stand the test of time. There are several areas and signage examples all over The OC Mix. Stop by to see all of the diverse use of old wood and modern materials. If you’re in development on retail or business signage, let us know and we can help you source the perfect materials for your project.


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