Antique Reclaimed Barnwood Box Beams

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Antique Reclaimed Barnwood Box Beams

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Nothing transforms a room quite like Reclaimed Barnwood Box Beams

What are wood box beams?

Box beams may also be called hollow beams or even faux beams. Box beams are constructed by assembling 2, 3, or 4 skins of solid beams and are intended to replicate the look of solid beams. Box beams are most commonly seen as architectural elements for ceilings.

The number of skins used is determined by the placement of the box beam against a wall, ceiling, or even door casing:

  • 2 skins: Creates a 90-degree corner box beam most often placed in the corner junction between a wall and the ceiling, as the last ceiling beam
  • 3 skins: Creates a "U" shaped box beam and is used as a ceiling or wall box beam or even a door casing, with the open side facing the mounting surface
  • 4 skins: Creates an enclosed box beam which may be used to hide a structural element in a room--by assembling two halves of the box beam around a structural beam, HVAC, where all sides will be seen. As well, 4-sided box beams may be used as columns. Box beams are not intended to support any structure in any way however.

To make a box beam we work from the inside dimensions outward since they are usually mounted to a board or blocks first secured to the ceiling, with the box beam wrapping around and nailed to these fixtures to secure them. With that interior dimension, we then build out the final thickness to your specs. Box beams are handmade and like the timber they come from; no two are exactly alike. Box beams made for your project will coordinate with each other but not "match". Matching would defeat the purpose of the reclaimed look.

Our reclaimed  box beams are built with antique reclaimed barn wood beams and barn boards, and push your design over the top. Box beams are a great way to hide existing structural supports or just to add to the room's aesthetic appeal. Box beams offer the look of solid beams with the benefits of custom sizing and lightweight installation.

We hand make box beams for your project in rough sawn, hand hewn, resawn, and even new wood like European White Oak.

What is the difference between hand hewn and rough sawn?

Box beams replicate the look of solid timber but have an improved workability and practicality: they’re uniform in size throughout the length of the beam, are available in any length and width combination, are lighter and easier to install than solid beams. 

Pairings: This material combines well with our Antique Barn Board Siding and our lines of Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling. Go here for our Antique Reclaimed Barn Wood Solid Beams.

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The demand for our new and reclaimed barn wood box beams has caused us to split box beams off into a division of its own.

Now, you can visit our website, configure your box beams down to the inch of accuracy, get an instant price including shipping, and place your order. One visit and you're done. Never before has this functionality been possible, and now you can order and be on your way. 

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We are always glad to work one-on-one with you however, through our showroom at 949-244-5123.

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