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Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels

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Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels

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Authentic. Real. Antique Reclaimed Barn Wood for walls. These reclaimed barn wood wall panels are prefabricated into a section you can install yourself. These are the real deal, no peel and stick flimsy planks here. 

It sits in an open field. Illuminated by the sun and embraced by tall grass. An old barn, once the pride of its county, now slumbering silently. Patiently it waits for the day it will again be a part of someone’s life. Our American Barn Collection breathes new life into this historic material by restoring it and bringing it into your home or commercial project. Our collection includes antique wood floors handcrafted from old barns dating from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. The character and warmth of this classic material makes for a truly distinctive home or commercial project.

Lead Time: This is a made to order product. Lead time to ship is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Salvaged primarily from century-old barns in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky, our reclaimed barn wood wall panels are endowed with a naturally rich patina created by countless decades of sun, wind, and rain. We preserve the original face of this remarkable wood that maintains all aspects of its distinctive character; including the original saw marks, color variations, random knots, nail holes and height variations.

Two Kinds of Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels to Choose From

Our reclaimed solid wood wall paneling comes in two types, both are considered reclaimed wood 3d wall panels:

Original Face:

The naturally rough original outer skin of the wood as we find it. This is the exterior of a beam.

Heirloom Face:

Once we slice off/remove the outer skin of the beam, what remains is smooth wood which we call Heirloom. Heirloom doesn't have the natural patina from exposure to the elements but is sand-able, paintable, and stainable if you wish. The character of the grain however causes many of our clients to choose a transparent stain or finish to emphasize this character.

Decorate & Renovate Like a Designer

Transform a room in minutes not days! We've taken the hard work out of making stunning reclaimed barn wood paneled walls, island sidings, accent and feature walls, etc. using authentic American Reclaimed American barn wood.

These are easy to install panels with a web/net backing for easy placement. Each panel is 3sf, priced at $45 per panel/$225 per box . Installation is a breeze. We recommend using a brad nail gun and for an even more secure installation a polyurethane based construction adhesive. 

Each panel is comprised of 5 rows of material in these height dimensions (individual piece length is infinitely variable):

  • 3"
  • 1.5"
  • 2"
  • 3"
  • 2"
  • Thickness averages 1/2" but is infinitely variable between 1/4” - 1”

These panels have fingered edges which will interlock with adjacent panels, thereby hiding any seams/joints between panels. The offset edges match perfectly into adjacent panels.

Need trim? You can get that here.


(Each panel is 3 square feet)

  1. Measure the wall or area you want to cover (length X height) in feet
  2. Divide this value by 3 = the number of panels you need

EXAMPLE: 3ft x 5ft wall/area

  • 3ft x 5ft = 15sf
  • 15sf / 3sf = 5 panels needed (1 box)

NOTE: We suggest ordering 10%-15% extra to ensure you allow for waste and errors when installing.

Download the Stacked Wall Panel Installation Guide Here 

Download the Stacked Wood Wall Panel Catalog Here to see the various materials we use 

          Given the nature of how precious the material resources are that we use--reclaimed, one of a kind barn and other reclaimed wood--once work begins and cuts are made on material for your order we cannot offer refunds. **NO REFUNDS ON WORK REQUIRING THE CUTTING OF ANY MATERIAL**

          The Vintage Wood Floor Company is not a retailer or an importer. We are a manufacturer. Which means we produce our own products; managing the entire process from reclamation to delivery. Everything we offer is created under the watchful eye of our owner and Head Craftsman, who proudly trains each craftsman on our team. While we offer many products, we have only one standard – excellence. Our core business is custom work, making your visions come to life so if you have a project that requires an authentic touch let us show you what we can do.

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