Solid Antique Reclaimed Barn Wood Beams

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Solid Antique Reclaimed Barn Wood Beams

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Never 'hand distressed'. All of our antique solid reclaimed barn wood beams are centuries old and aged naturally.

We have become the country's go-to-source for reclaimed barn wood beams; having 30,000sf of solid beams running the full gambit of dimensions and lengths and truckloads arriving weekly for our client's projects.

Nothing transforms a room like the look of authentic reclaimed wood beams, be they solid beams or hollow box beams. Great for use as a mantle for a fireplace, for timber spans for a great room, genuine antique solid beams impart a presence that’s unmistakably warm and have a powerful presence.

Along with our authentic reclaimed solid beams, we craft box beams from antique barn siding, non-structural solid barn beams and even new wood like the popular French White Oak. Box Beams replicate the look of solid beams but with improved refinement and practicality: they’re uniform in size throughout the length of the beam, they’re available in any length and width combination, they’re lighter, easier to install than solid beams, easier to adapt to fit on-site, and they lack mortise pockets for a more refined look. 

Solid beams come in two general categories of texture: hand hewn or rough sawn (or 'circle sawn') but we also provide 'second cut' resawn solid beams:

What kinds of reclaimed beams are there?

Hand Hewn Beams were dimensioned generations ago by hand into square/rectangle shape with broad axes, adze and other hand tools which leave the tradition axe marks. This is a more 'rustic' look to a beam. The other style is rough sawn which has the 'circle saw marks'. These beams were dimensioned with saws so the faces lack the hand tool marks of the hand hewn beams and are less rustic looking but are equally beautiful. Want to know more about hand hewn beams? Read a bit of history in their making here.

Hand Hewing a Beam

Rough Sawn (circle sawn) beams are more dimensionally consistent and have a more flush surface than the hand hewn beams as they were dimensions with a saw. These are often used where a more defined angularity is desired. Box beams often replicate these beams because of their more defined square edges.

What is the difference between hand hewn and rough sawn

In addition to supplying beams in their reclaimed state, we include custom finishing services. These may include: cutting to length, planing on one face for flush installation where the beam is used as a mantel, patching of mortise pockets, pressure washing, and nylon brushing. Our extensive inventory combined with our specialization have made us one of the nation’s most reliable sources of reclaimed wood beams.

We'd love to discuss the beam work you have envisioned for your project. Give us a call or use the quote request to tell us about your needs.

All material is custom quoted by project, selected and made to order. We look forward to discussing your project.

Pairings: Solid beam work combines well with our Antique Barn Board Siding and our lines of Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling. Go here for our Antique Reclaimed Barn Wood Box Beams on our dedicated box beam site.

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If you are interested in box beams instead of solid beams, now, you can visit our website, configure your box beams down to the inch of accuracy, get an instant price including shipping, and place your order. Never before has this functionality been possible, and now you can order and be on your way. 
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